2020, a long journey (gallery)

Tramonto in Appennino

2020 was a different year for everyone. A year of changes, restarts, new stops, adaptations, opportunities.
I think that to really evaluate this year, unique in the life of all of us, it is necessary to wait a lit longer. A hasty judgment, even if simple, could be both misleading and superficial.
At least in my case.
2020 took away a lot and gave back, if not as much, at least something. It upset projects and very often mixed our certainties. It opened new paths, too often ignored and left aside. And this time, in the absence of a crossroads in front of which to make a decision, the doubts, at least mine, disappeared and the choice was easier.

I choose the mountain and its trails, everything that makes me feel good. I choose the path that I have had only imagined until now. Something I desired and dreamed of during the foggy days spent in front of a laptop or during the sunny ones stuck in the heat of my car, in the middle of a traffic jam.
Even now that 2020 is slowly dying out, the shapes of this choice are unclear, undefined, uncertain. Yet until today, thinking about the days spent in a group with many new people or those lived alone up and down on different trails, difficult or easier, or even those spent keeping my head down on the map to draw new itineraries, I relive emotions and sensations that until now I had limited only to a few moments of the year. A few days as an escape from reality, without thinking that reality could have different shapes and brighter colors.

So, if I think back to this 2020, I see many difficulties of course but, above all, smiling faces and breathtaking views; unique huts, lonely peaks and snowy ridges. I see the magic of the mountain and the emotions it brings with it. Something that has always filled my heart and mind.
Now many of my days too.