Half Joker, half Batman

… an ongoing conflict between two parts of me!
The dark and restless side of who desires the unknown, as it comes from every change and that one, calm and still, of who finds in our World so much beauty and opportunities to get yet enchanted.

My name is Paolo, I’m 32 and from the conflict between this two forces I try to build my own way. I’m a “kind contrarian“, as I define myself. Over the years I’ve learned how my nature drove many of my decisions. And others’ as well. This blog comes from a dream which has grown along with me since I was a child, as well as from the most important decision that I’ve always postponed, the one that I’ve never been able to complete. Today I take it with a pinch of madness, some courage and lot of fear.
Behind all of this, there’s the big desire to find myself and recognize who I am in the things that represents me the most.

I’m a tireless hiker, an enthusiastic traveler, an explorer, a football fan always travelling around, a driver who never asks to be replaced, a fussy travel organizer.
Go, without ever stopping.
Live and wear out your shoes.

I bring on my skin all the signs of the changes I’ve sought in my life: city, house, habits, friends, studies. I was going full steam ahead, moved by the desire of exploring new worlds and discovering what there was next. I don’t regret any of these decisions. Each of them came indistinctly from my dreams, passions, hopes or wishes.

It hurt more the strong impact with daily life, made of shallowness, opportunism, indifference and expediency. Something built on laziness and acquiescence. A form of indestructible and shaped passivity that only the misleading filter of frenzy and stress made more agile and dynamic in its appearance.

In the past years I’ve been living in the shade of rituals and moments repeated with tireless regularity.

Something that you think you’re not able to escape from. First, when one of my passions had finally became a job. Later, when moved by the noblest values, I tried to regain what I had lost even as a consequence of my nature. And now, in these days so different and strange than usual, when world has suddenly stopped and many things have lost that veil of extraordinary significance that we attribute to them.

This is the moment in which I can affirm that I collected enough words, thoughts, experiences, teachings. A baggage full of things to bring with me without feeling its weight. A backpack to carry on my shoulders with the aim of doing what I’ve always been able to do since I was a little child, when I learned to hike before I could even complain about it. This is the way I explored magic places and lived unforgettable moments.

More of them still have to be explored, experienced, enjoyed. I would love to do it with the ones like me who want to share a place, a moment, a thought. Sure and aware that a trip is made up of many destinations.

Rif. Locatelli – Tre Cime di Lavaredo, July 1989

This is my story, at least the most significant part for this blog. If you want to tell me yours, ask me something or just have a chat, contact me anytime.
I would be very happy to get you know better!