2020, a long journey (gallery)

2020 was a different year for everyone. A year of changes, restarts, new stops, adaptations, opportunities.I think that to really evaluate this year, unique in the life of all of us, it is necessary to wait a lit longer. A hasty judgment, even if simple, could be both misleading and superficial.At least in my case.2020Continue reading “2020, a long journey (gallery)”

These first months as a hiking guide…

I look back, now that it seems everything has stopped all over again, I think back to these first months as a hiking guide (qualified and certified) and reflect.I see the most beautiful images in my mind, I imagine if and how it could have been somehow different, but above all I try to thinkContinue reading “These first months as a hiking guide…”

Welcome home!

Here we are again, in this place already seen, described, told.Yet so hard to keep out of the corridors of my mind. I walk and go away but in the end I always come back here. Often with my head, whenever I can even with my body and legs that add up gradients and kilometers,Continue reading “Welcome home!”

Back to the future!

Many times, along the trails, I have thought and rethought about how it would have to be a leader of a group in that exact moment: companion of other people in the heart of a world so precious to me, between shapes and colors of such a great passion.It happened several times.Mountain has always hadContinue reading “Back to the future!”

Trekking after quarantine: the value of freedom

“It is allowed to carry out physical activities, individually, within one’s own provincial territory”. I have read, read again and pronounced (outside and inside myself) this sentence dozens of times in the last few days. Back from these months of confinement that have fueled any paranoid syndrome, including that of conspiracy, I read it carefullyContinue reading “Trekking after quarantine: the value of freedom”

Val di Funes: a place of my heart (video)

My father discovered this valley by chance, almost 30 years ago now. It was the beginning of the 90s, my parents used to spend their summer holidays in the Dolomites, after years spent in “Val d’Aosta”. Their favorite destinations were “Val di Fassa” and “Val Badia”.One day, guided by his usual curiosity, dad decided toContinue reading “Val di Funes: a place of my heart (video)”

A new trip everytime I go back home

I grew up in the western part of Liguria, less known than the opposite eastern part, but, in my opinion, equally beautiful and special. My family comes from a small village behind Imperia, Dolcedo, 7 kilometers far from the sea. A small village nestled between the two sides of the valley, sited above the riverContinue reading “A new trip everytime I go back home”