2020, a long journey (gallery)

2020 was a different year for everyone. A year of changes, restarts, new stops, adaptations, opportunities.I think that to really evaluate this year, unique in the life of all of us, it is necessary to wait a lit longer. A hasty judgment, even if simple, could be both misleading and superficial.At least in my case.2020Continue reading “2020, a long journey (gallery)”

These first months as a hiking guide…

I look back, now that it seems everything has stopped all over again, I think back to these first months as a hiking guide (qualified and certified) and reflect.I see the most beautiful images in my mind, I imagine if and how it could have been somehow different, but above all I try to thinkContinue reading “These first months as a hiking guide…”

Welcome home!

Here we are again, in this place already seen, described, told.Yet so hard to keep out of the corridors of my mind. I walk and go away but in the end I always come back here. Often with my head, whenever I can even with my body and legs that add up gradients and kilometers,Continue reading “Welcome home!”

Back to the future!

Many times, along the trails, I have thought and rethought about how it would have to be a leader of a group in that exact moment: companion of other people in the heart of a world so precious to me, between shapes and colors of such a great passion.It happened several times.Mountain has always hadContinue reading “Back to the future!”