Walk in the Apennines above Reggio Emilia

Croce sulla vetta del Monte Cusna

How beautiful it is to walk in the Apennines above Reggio Emilia!

The Apennines have their charm wherever they are, from north to south along the backbone of our country. There are unique lands that are able to offer extraordinary experiences from various points of view.
I personally consider the Apennines and its environment as one of the most authentic forms of contact you can have with nature. For this reason I am at the same time attracted by it and, in part, intimidated. Hiking in the Apennines takes you through time, made up of stories, people, traditions. It catapults you into multiple natural scenarios and landscapes that follow one after the other, almost unexpectedly. It brings you significantly closer to every life that populates this extraordinary territory.
It is a path that contemplates various destinations, a journey within places where many of us have their own roots.

This is also true for the Apennines above Reggio Emilia, a strip of land full of charm and extraordinary places to reach and visit. In hiking terms, a paradise for anyone who wants to spend time in nature, regardless of their technical skills or the desire to make more or less effort. There is something for everyone!
An hour on the road, sometimes less, and here appears to our eyes an incredibly different world and apparently so far from our usual city scenarios.
The first sensation in front of this landscape is that of amazement and, at the same time, lightness. The horizon line that defines the flat land and marks the place where our cities stand is lost in the mist. Nevertheless, there is no sense of loss, quite the opposite. At the same time, a great desire for discovery and a strong desire to escape are mixed in us.

Here, a few kilometres from Reggio Emilia and the Po Valley, we can find all of this.

Inside a dense beech wood with a blinding summer green and under the majestic shapes of ancient fir trees that populate the “Val Dolo”, giving it a varied color and a more imposing appearance; further downstream, along the vertical walls of the unique and unmistakable “Pietra di Bismantova”, or between the valleys dominated by the ancient fortifications dating back to the era of the Countess “Matilde di Canossa“; in the heart of the Tuscan-Emilian Apennine National Park, enchanted in contemplation in front of the small waters of Lake Bargetana and Lake Calamone, inside which the peaks above are mirrored or along the steep ridges that delimit the border between Emilia Romagna and Tuscany, on the trail of the “Alta Via dei Parchi”.

More: from the top of the highest peaks, such as Mount Cusna, Mount Prado or the summit of Alpe di Succiso, immersed in almost alpine contexts over 2,000 meters and overlooking the sea of ​​the Gulf of La Spezia below, closer than we can imagine: a crossroads of lands and panoramas that meets at the same point, freezing a vast area of ​​Northern Italy that suddenly stays at our feet.
And then again along the wide and green meadows that instill peace, such as the “Prati di Sara” just above Ligonchio, the pastures, the numerous huts, the small villages, even the most unusual like Votigno, the medieval “House of Tibet” where also the Dalai Lama was a guest, the suggestive waterfalls and the rivers, the “Secchia” and the “Enza”, which downstream delimit provincial boundaries and ways of being crystallized over time.

A variety of landscapes capable of letting us fully savor an incredibly different amount of environments and, first of all, a strong sense of freedom and closeness to nature.

This is why every time I return to our Apennines, a place so close that has the power to let me travel so far!